Snoqualmie Valley Trail

SnoqValleyTrailMapThe Snoqualmie Valley Trail offers the opportunity to get out and explore one of the most beautiful agricultural valleys in the region.

The trail meanders past working farms as well as preserved open space areas, and connects to the cross-state John Wayne Pioneer Trail in Iron Horse State Park. Points of interest include Tolt-MacDonald Park, Meadowbrook Farm, Three Forks Natural Area and the Tokul Trestle.

Length: 31.5 miles

Surface: Crushed rock and original ballast surfacing. Former railroad trestles have been decked and hand railed from Duvall to Rattle Snake Lake with one on-road detour in the City of Snoqualmie.
Access Points: McCormick Park; Nick Loutsis Park, 356th PL SE, Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area, NE 4th & Ballarat Ave in North Bend.
Use: All non-motorized use.

Accessibility: Due to the crushed rock surface, the trail is not readily accessible to people in wheelchairs.

**Trail description provided by the King County website**

**Map copied from the City of Northbend website**


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Beginners Perspecitve - Snoqualmie Valley Trail

By Julie Cox

beginnersperspectivejuliecox“Hold on tight, have fun, and try not to look like an idiot!” Those were the thoughts I had before starting my first ‘official’ dog scooter fun run on May 18th. I arrived at the meeting place on Iron Horse Trail a bit nervous but a lot excited. What led me to Iron Horse Trail to begin with? Two years ago, I adopted my dog Thrace from German Shepherd Rescue. Since then, I have spend countless hours trying to find something we could do together which would meet two basic requirements- one, I had to like it, and two, it had to wear my dog out! Having tried dog obedience, dog parks, Frisbee, and jogging, I was eventually directed (thank you Google!) to the website k9scootersnw. My first thought after viewing the images of happy people biking and/or scootering with their dogs was that it looked like a lot of fun, but who really did such things? After Saturday’s fun run, I have the answer- people like me!

Several people were at Iron Horse Trail that morning; all of them seasoned veterans and either on scooters or bikes. I had no idea that the area had so many scooter enthusiasts! The group started out at 8:30 sharp, after a reminder to take things slow in the already hot weather. My German shepherd, Thrace, took off like a rocket even though I tried to hold her back. I thought for sure that I was going to fall off the scooter that had been generously loaned to me. Thankfully, though, I was able to keep going and made it through unscathed. What a blast! So much beautiful scenery flew by as I was silently reminding myself that I have health insurance. My dog was the happiest I’ve seen her since adopting her from German Shepherd Rescue two years ago. She even got along well with the other dogs, a minor miracle considering that she has been known to have ‘doggy attitude’ at times. I had so much fun talking with the other people and just enjoying being outside with my happy girl that before I knew it the fun run was over.

Everyone was very encouraging and supportive, with lots of great tips and extra patience for a beginner’s endless questions. I’m really looking forward to the next time I can go out and scooter, and as for my dog?

She actually slept on the ride home!

(as seen in LineOut Issue 07 2008)



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