Mileage:  50 Miles Total
There is no time limit to achieve this.  Mileage log is on the honor system.  You can take the test without having completed the 50 miles.

Drivers Meeting:  Applicants will bring dogs on leash to meeting.  Be prepared to answer judge's questions on:  

  • Good dog care
  • Public image
  • Calm
  • Common sense
  • Dog on leash, under control
  • Identify signs of overheating
  • Demonstrate knowledge of your dog's condition
  • Signs of distress

1.  Equipment: (ALL Equipment must be in "good working condition")

  • Any Non-Motorized Wheeled Vehicle (Including functioning brakes)
  • Items To be carried with you and your team (In a pack or on Non-Motorized Wheeled Vehicle):
    • Properly fitted helmet
    • 1 dog line (6'-8' from post)
    • Poop bags
    • Properly fitting harness
    • Water
    • Water bowl
    • Booties
    • Leash
    • Multi tool or knife
    • Long pants
    • Sturdy shoes
    • Basic first aid kit for human/dog
    • Optional:  ice pack, knee and elbow guards, gloves

2. Demo:

  • harness dog
  • Bootie dog
  • Hook up, show control of dog

3. Trail skills:

  • Command turns: gee, haw
  • On by a distraction
    • a. dog on leash
    • b. show trail ettiquette
    • c. other
  • Same direction passing
  • Wait

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