Here is a sampling of our Previous Years LineOut Publications.  Lots of great info stowed away in these gems.

LineOut Publication 2006

Issue 07 2006

In this issue:  You'll read about our First Workshop, Becky's Corner discussing the importance of foot care and handling, How to host a Perfect group Fun Run, and our Mission.

Issue 09 2006

In this issue:  You'll read a touching memorial to Susan Butcher, a 4 time Iditarod winner battling Leukemia.  The New Dogs Across America Campaign, King Caedmon's Castle, and great tips on Traveling with your dog.

Issue 10 2006

In this issue: You'll read a typical day in the life of a musher, Danielle's experience has a kennel hand, Heat Stroke and how to handle it, Rimadyle Alert for Dogs, The Pinewood Poker Run, The loss of Pyro, and meeting minutes.

LineOut Publication 2007

Issue 02 2007

In this issue:  Caedmon's Corner, a humorous article "Talking about Dogs", Caedman's Corner, A Reminder - of what not to do on a run, Burn Out in Dogs, and Sue's Woo.

Issue 04 2007

In this issue:  Born with the Mushing Bug, Memorial to Jake, Caedmon's Corner, and Trail Etiquette.

Issue 07 2007

In this issue:  Summer Skill Building Workshop which discusses the importance of watching your dog, knowing his/hers resting temperature, and practice Canine First Aid.  Caedmon passes Canine Good Citizen! President's Message, K-9 Massage Protocol, Pet First Aid Kit - What to carry.

Issue 08 2007

In this issue: Thought on the Tunnel Run, 5th Annual Snoqualmie Tunnel Run, and Caedmon's Corner.

Issue 12 2007

In this issue: Scootering to Skijoring, Dryland Racing, Becky's Corner - Inner Strength, First Ever - Dog Powered Urban Traildog Title, and Dog's Across America.

LineOut Publication 2008

Issue 04 2008

In this issue: Dog Powered Sports, Commemorative 1925 Serum Run Expedition, Tick Alert, and By-Laws of the Scooter Club.

Issue 07 2008

In this issue: Libby Riddles - First Woman to Win the Iditarod, Summer Running - Dogs cannot sweat as humans do, Snoqualmie Valley Trail - A beginners perspective, Trail Etiquette, I love Tire Pulling, Practicalities and Waxing Philosophic - discusses summertime safety with dogs, Caedmon's Castle, Training Aid - Spray Commander, The Gear Shed, Another Reminder about Summer Running, Hyperthermia vs Heatstroke, and Sue's Woo.




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