AuroraWebK9scootersNW was formed to encourage dog powered sports for the small team, which is commonly composed of one or two dogs. The dog wears a custom pulling harness, and is attached with a bungeed line to a scooter or bicycle.  Other wheeled vehicles such as longboards, sulkies, carts, roller blades, and even wheel chairs can be used. 

The Club arranges Fun Runs, where participants of all skill levels meet up and take the dogs out on a run. This is great exercise for both dog and driver and more importantly, gives the dog a job, and thus a purpose.  Any dog can participate in this sport. The Club offers a Trail Dog Titling program, a race schedule, and a variety of clinics related to our sport throughout the year. We are a group of people who love to run with our dogs.

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Northwest Sled Dog Association

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Northwest Sled Dog Association (NWSDA) is a sister group to ours.  They are located throughout the State of Washington and are a group of people who love sled dogs and the sport of mushing.  NWSDA organizes and promotes a variety of sled dog activities ranging from races to recreational and family events as well as serving to educate the public as to the joys of living and working with sled dogs.

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